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2009-11-08 00:19:35 by Texsk8er56

What is HPPD??
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hallucino ge n_persisting_perception_disorder

So this is how it all began...

It all started when I started smoking marijuana. Blah blah blah good times, had a lot of fun over the course of a couple years. I promised myself I would never touch any hard drugs.

Then, After a huge boom in some cash on my most recent birthday, I decided it was time to try hallucinogens. Shrooms are non existent in Central Texas, so I settled for LSD/Acid. Only knew one guy, Sells it 20 a hit, 30 for two, 45 for three, 60 for four... So on and so on. Really expensive shit and it bothers me how everyone else in the US pays Maximum 10 a hit... Anyways... I bought 2 hits, and saved them for the next sunday.

Had a generally good trip at the begining, then started having my doubts about what I got myself into. I was tripping about how the last 3 hours felt like 5 minutes, and how I couldnt believe I did one this sort of thing. My hallucinations were so insane. Everything was spiraling into a vast vortex of color and sound, and these kaleidoscopes were everywhere! These kaleidoscopes lasted until I fell asleep, 3AM that night.

Or at least I thought. The next day, These Kaleidoscopes persisted. "Oh cool!" I thought to myself, as these were beautiful. These lasted for a week, and then things slowly got back to normal. I noticed light bothered me more, and i began to notice "Floaters" in my eyes 10x more often. I thought the LSD had helped my vision at first, and didnt think twice about it.

Then next week, I took 3 hits at my friends birthday. More hallucinations, Colors, yeah yeah. That night while we did not get any damn sleep, My vision was going insane. Everything was blurring in and out into two and one, and this was so insane but I didnt think bad of it that night.

Then The next Trip. 1 Hit, second week of school. The main visuals only lasted 4 periods. The mental trip lasted all day. 1st period was "picture day", senior pic guess who had massive pupils and and a red face. =/.... Then came second period. Spanish 2. The flouresecent light bulbs were so bright, and the floor appeared to be water. My spanish teacher yelled at me, and all I see is these crazy Spanish words flying out and hitting me in the face. The white board and floor began to spiral into a vortex blending in with the teacher. This organ started playing in my head. I thought I was going Insane.
Rest of the day, nothing that special happened. Alot of problems reading, Feeling like a junkie outcast, insane sweating, and no appetite. These tracers persisted, and things still appeared to morph at sight of them.

Next time doing LSD, My final time, so far, was 4 hits. 4 Legit fat ass pure LSD no water down bull shit hits. Shit was insane. I went outside with 3 sober friends in 50 degree weather. I had shorts/Short sleeve shirt, and they were bundled up in jackets freezing their asses off. (Keep in mind we are in Texas) Now im hot as hell, smoking ciggarettes after ciggarette. Black and mild after black and mild. 2 blunts. I smoked everything. Then a lot more beautiful colors, talking to a cop, seeing a HUGE hawk swoop down on me (Really was there, sober friends saw it), everything was still awesome. I tripped a solid 12 hours.

Even got chased by a dog and threw up 4 times and experienced the worse emotions ever. This Dog chase Terrified me. I thought this dog chase through the woods and 2 inch deep water with high ass grass and cold weather would terrify me forever. After throwing up, I was not being social. I didnt wanna talk. I ran away from my friends, and got home and tried to shower off the effects/mud. I was on the brink of crying this was so terrible.

Later that night, my visuals were insane. I could tell they were not real, but these colors and movements were insane.

After this trip, my visual after effects started getting serious. I noticed Tracers and after images persisting after everything. This has been usual since after my very first time, not as severe. I noticed blacks/blues were the same. Dark greens/grays were being confused. All colors were changing up and I had problems wearing matching clothes a couple times. I also figured out that these floaters in my eyes were everywhere. I saw the plentyful geometric designs in them.

These symptoms still persist, after 2 months of my last drop. In my peripheral vision, things morph insanely. I notice every small movement. I see flashes of white light on anything black in my peripheral vision. These tracers still persist. When I listen to music that i listened to a lot on acid trips, such as The youth by MGMT, Time to Pretend by MGMT, And Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by the Beatles, tend to bring back the "electric blood" feeling in my body. I could start remembering everything from my trips (Flashbacks).

I didnt think there was anyone else in this world like that, until last night i got curious and read up more on LSD. I saw HPPD as a rare persisting symptom, and I read up. All the symptoms completely matched up.

The really bad thing, Is when I smoke weed, this makes me trip as one would on shrooms or Salvia, but more of a relaxed trip. Shit morphs, Shit changes color, shit gets wierd. I get very dizzy, and sometimes immobile. This was never this insane before I did LSD.

These are terribly annoying symptoms. Imagine everything you look at appearing like they would after this. For 2 months straight. Its crazy.

TL;DR : After 4 LSD trips from a year ago until about 2 months ago have left what seems like permanent visual effects on me. Many people who have done LSD over 100 times have never even experienced this. I see shit that isnt there, and i havent done this drug in a long time. It effects my marijuana smoking, and other stuff like that.

So newgrounds, have any of you actually done real LSD? Have you had these crazy after effects from LSD/Shrooms/MDMA/MMA/Other hallucinogens??

Also, Would a doctor be able to help with anything like this?